Increase the visibility of a hair salon, barber, beauty institute or spa thanks to SEO

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The main issue of any hair salon, beauty salon, barber or spa center is to increase their online visibility .Thanks to an SEO strategy, you can achieve this goal while maximizing the results

But first of all What is SEO?How does a search engine work ?And how to optimize the natural referencing of yoursite to increase visibility online? This is what we will try to respond in this article.

What is SEO?

In a very competitive world, having an online presence is essential.Creating a professional website is therefore important, because it allows to articulate all digital actions of a hair salon or beauty institute and measure their performance.

Indeed, it is not enough to create a website to display at the top of Google search results, it must be optimized here, where the term seo ( Search Engine Optimization comes from), it is a set of techniques and strategies which consist in optimizing your site to reach the top of organic search results.It is therefore not by chance that a website appears in the first results of search engines, but a lot of specific work was done to arrive at this level.

In other words, optimization for search engines is the art of positioning a website , a web page or a mobile application in the first organic results of search engines.It is therefore a free strategy unlike the SEA which consists in optimizing paid ads (adwords sponsored links).

    The large components of natural referencing are:
  • Technical component (URL structure, loading speed, code compliance, etc.)
  • Editorial component (optimization of web pages content, pages structure, etc.)
  • Linking (backlinks ...)

How does a search engine work ?

Millions Internet pages are published on the web every day, the engine’s work is to go on index on the database all the new Internet pages found on the web. Whenever he finds himself in front of new web pages, Google does his analyzes in order to understand the subject of the web page and judge whether this page is relevant or not for the keywords that searchers type the purpose of natural referencing is to help him do this work.

Millions of small Google robots travel the web page by page and link by link to find out if there are new websites to index in the Google database . Otherwise, if you want to know what is the exact number of your web pages which are indexed in Google, it is only enough to type “site:” (your domain name) to find out if your website is good in Google's database.

After defining what SEO is and how the Google search engine works, we will now explain how you can really optimize your pages so that they appear first on Google.

How to optimize the natural referencing of yoursite to increase visibility online?

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Creating a website, optimizing referencing and increasing visibilityare now essential elements for any hair salon, barber, beauty salon and spa. We will present you below several strategies aimed at highlighting your establishment online:

Optimizing the Title and Meta Description

The title and meta description correspond to the first contact with Internet users, these are the Two first things that appear in the result of the search page .

The title is the first indexing component for search engines. To optimize this Title tag, it must answer research attention (a research question), it must also include a number of specific characters, ideally between 14 and 40 characters . This will help your hair salon in the quisition of qualified traffic and improve your positioning on search engines.

The title and meta description are tags that can be easily modified, so if you have missed one, correct it to increase your chances of appearing Among the famous Top 3 on a search page.

Find relevant keywords

After optimizing title and meta description of your site, you will now focus on Planning of relevant keywords In order to improve the positioning of your shop and therefore your online visibility.

The choice of keywords is a decisive step in your SEO strategy. Indeed, your goal is to be classified for the keywords that your customers tap on their search engines to find a hair salon, beauty institute, barber or spa. You must then ask yourself the following question: what are the questions your customers ask on Google. In this sense, there are many tools that will help you generate your keywords (Ex: Google Adwords, Ubersuggest, Semrush…).

Once you have found the keywords and expressions used by your target, the most useful is to opt for niche keywords , and avoid words- Wave keys (keywords far too vague and competitive). Then try to position yourself on several keywords while excluding the very popular keywords, also try to know on which keyword your competitor is not yet present in because knowing that will help you optimize your SEO strategy better.

Create quality web content

In the beauty and well -being sector, you must be aware that quality and optimized content allows you to attract quality traffic on your website. You must then create web pages on your site which will be optimized specifically by the keywords that you have chosen previously.

    To optimize the content of your pages, you need:
  • Take care of the writing of the text while ensuring to be clear and user -friendly;
  • Write texts that are easy to read and without spelling mistakes to captivate the attention of your visitors;
  • Structure your content in several paragraphs to ventilate them;
  • Avoid texts on images, prevents users from copy/paste the text. Result: you will be penalized by Google;
  • Create original, understandable, diverse content (text, image, video, sound, etc.) and well imagined with beautiful illustrations so that users spend more time in your site;
  • Avoid duplication of content, do not put the same content on different pages several times, this will prevent you from improving your rankings;

The content is therefore the cornerstone of your communication on the Internet . This will allow you to be visible on the internet, generate leads on your site and win new customers.

Optimizing your loading speed

Google aims to offer to Internet users a super fast search experience .This is why it will always favor websites in accordance with the latest user experience practices.If your website takes time to charge and display, Google penalizes you.It is not because your site is not good but because 32% of ¬users leave a web page if it takes between 1 to 3 seconds to load, worse if your page takes more than 3 seconds, this number rises90% (according to a February 2018 study ). The ideal loading time is between 1 and 3 seconds , try to get as close as possible.

Therefore, a quick site is good for SEO, it will improve your conversion rate , will help people stay on your site longer because they can navigate more easily and faster and therefore will help you provide user experience up to your customers' expectations. In this sense, Google has provided you with very practical tools to use such as pagespeed insight which can give you an analysis of your site, especially on the loading speed of your pages, and also Give you recommendations to save in loading time.

Create backlinks

credibility is one of the key factors on which Google use to classify a site in the search results, it checks the reliability of information to searchers the best search results.

One of the techniques to show your credibility in the eyes of Google is to obtain a maximum of external links pointing to your site , quality links, because Google considers a link to your site from 'An external link as a recommendation. These backlinks must come from the same industry (in your case, the links must be from the following themes: beauty, well -being, lifestyle, ...) and preferable of more credible sites than you in order to benefit from it. Do not forget to also reference on directories , (Ex: Google My Business) or Yellow pages . This will help to position yourself well on Google in general.

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Create a network of internal links

Imagine now, you have done your job well, and you have ten pages that have been optimized for each of the different keywords, a few months later, you notice that there is a page that works very well (well referenced) and on which Google sends you a lot of traffic. So take advantage of the reputation of this page to send traffic to another page that does not have much traffic , this is called internal links (Internal Links). To find out which pages have an important traffic, there are tools like Google Analytics and Ubersuggest which will give you indications on this subject

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