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Optimizing appointment schedules is Crucial for a hair salon, beauty institute, barber or spa center.It is an integral part of a Good operational and financial management.To help you generate more turnover at the Salon or the Institute, Here are the indicators to analyze and the actions to be taken.

In fact, all these indicators mentioned are available on Your Nativys Pro dashboard (occupancy rate by collaborator and by service, the meetings not come, loyalty management).

Employee’s occupancy rate

The occupancy rate is a key indicator to analyze for the improvement of your establishment’s performance. It's the total hours worked as well as breaks (no time associated with a service) divided by the total working hours (dependent on opening hours). It is useful In particular to optimize the profitability of your schedule. For a hair salon, barber, beauty salon or spa “which works well ", the monthly occupancy rate should be about 75%, but if it reaches 100%, it will be better.

In addition, the calculation of the occupancy rate per collaborator allows you to qdjust your management program to congratulate or reward individual achievements and to judge the Need to hire or not. This is essential to then be able to effectively articulate the collective work.

Thanks to the Nativys Pro program, you can monitor the occupation by collaborator and by service, as you can also assess the filling performance of your establishment per day, per week, per month also over the year To then identify the bonus avenues and plan Your action plans. The higher the occupancy rate, the higher The profit margin is.

Actions to be carried out according to your obtained results.

    After observing the results obtained, you can:
  • Communicate the results obtained with your employees and exchange with them ; because they are closest to each client. This allows you to motivate them (increase their feeling of belonging to your establishment), by involving them in your next action plan,and to enhance their confidence in their ideas. In this case, you can Brainstorming (to involve your members) during which you can have a brainstorming, during which you can note each member’s ideas, then choose the most useful ones. In this way your employees will feel useful by helping you in the realization of your action program.

  • Build a well -neat communication plan ; in this context, thanks to Nativys pro you will have the Possibility to program SMS Marketing campaigns targeted to invite new customers to a niche specific. Reductions; discounts, loyalty programs or promotional codes are all effective tools to attract new customers in hairdressing salons, institutes of Beauty, barbers or spas. Nevertheless, you must ensure that these promotions are optimized, relevant and attractive enough for them to be really effective.

  • use social networks to attract connected customers on the internet ; (the category of young people) and therefore promote your Services. For example, using most famous influencer to organize giveaways, for example by offering a bag containing beauty products ; Face mask, cream moisturizing, a soft natural soap for the face without perfume ... this will help you achieve your traffic goals and thus increase the occupancy rate.

No-show rate

The no-show is a term designating ghosting customers. The no-show occurs when a customer does not show up or comes in the wrong period of time.

It is difficult to anticipate these non-honored reservations, but This is often due to an unexpected event, an omission or A difficulty in canceling an Book appointment. Therefore, these canceled reservations can have negative effects on Your activity: loss of turnover, disorganization, poor time management ...

Thanks to the nativys pro solution, you can refer to Your dashboard you will find in the section statistics The number of ghosted meetings. (taken in the show, taken online as well as the meeting rate not in line). This will allow you to have a report on the efficiency of the cancellation procedure for Book appointment, will also allow you to assess the deficit during a determined period. To calculate the figure of business lost following customers not present; by multiplying The number of these customers by the average customer basket. If the number of customers not present reaches more than 2% of the sum total customers, you must certainly change your Rendez-vous cancellation system.

Actions to be carried out according to the results obtained

    To anticipate these non-honored reservations, here are some tracks to reduce their frequency.
  • Book appointments reminder ;thanks to The Nativys Pro platform, you can Automate the sending of confirmation SMS to the customer To remember his Book appointment.In fact, this reminder is an operational means that starts from the principle for Ensure the presence of customers and reduce the number missed Book appointment .

  • Suggest promotions in certain periods of time ; to fill the absence of last minute customers, Do not hesitate to promote certain services on specific slots on your professional site or on an Online booking platform as the platform Connected nativys pro . This is considered to be an effective practice, but requires a strategic and careful observation of the indicator “Cancelled appointments cancellation” so as not to be overbooked

  • Limit delays ;thanks to the reservation in line, you can indicate the period of acceptance of cancellation requests.In this way, your customers will be notified from the start.

  • Blacklist ghosting customers ,puting a customer in The black list means deleting it from your data and preventing them from reserving more in your establishment.This may seem extreme, but if a customer has reserved several times without showing up, it is the only viable solution.

Loyalty rate

This report allows you to measure the ability of your hair salon to retain customers . To calculate this rate, divide the number of your loyal customers (those who have reserved several times over a given period) by the total number of customers over a given period.

Having a bunch of loyal customers is a sign of good health of your establishment : it shows that You do a good job and your customers are satisfied. On the other hand, if the attrition rate increases and your Agenda is struggling to fill. In this case, it is deemed necessary to review your business.

Actions to be carried out according to the results obtained

    Here are the levers you can examine to keep the customers, encourage them to shop at your home and create a strong and lasting link with them.
  • Launch a loyalty program ; This program is dematerialized with the loyalty reward mode Integrated into your Nativys customer file . The map loyalty is extremely advantageous for your hair salon or beauty salon in order to retain your customers. Of this fact, by encouraging customers to come back and make more meetings and therefore get more “Points” that can be used for discounts or Even personalized gifts. This program is based entirely on the number of passages or the amount spent (which increases the average value of presentations).

  • Propose targeted offers; Personalized offers offered to customers is a good strategy To retain your customers.When these offers are good segmented with relevant messages, it reinforces the Feeling of attachment to your hair salon.Use promotions too to enhance their commitment.

  • Practice Rebooking ; Do not hesitate to offer to the client Rebooking to remember to come back to you. This includes, for example, the launch of automated SMS campaigns (online action), or you can present your customers products complementary to those they have already used (action offline = in the hair salon), they will therefore be flattered and will not want to go and get less Elsewhere ... Objective: Ensure the next Reservation of the customer at the end of his visit.

"To fill your schedule and increase your productivity, do not hesitate to call on Nativys Pro to accompany you on your journey for an optimal performance."