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Organizing your time is essential for a hair salon, beauty salon, barber or spa center.Indeed, the beauty and well-being sector requires a lot of time organization. Here are our precious tips for optimal management of your establishment.

Opt for the digital agenda

To optimize your time, it is essential to choose tools that will help you towards better organization.Forget the classic agenda (paper) and opt for a digital agenda accessible from all devices (smartphone, tablet or computer) and modifiable at any time and wherever you are, you take your hair salon everywhere with you..

For example, the Nativys Pro connected agenda allows you to reduce the number of oversights, take advantage of the automatic sending of meeting reminders and manage the teams.In addition, thanks to customer reviews you build your e-reputation so quickly and easily.

Plan your strategy and action plans for the year

If the connected agenda is the element that we cannot do without for good management of your hair salon. It is equally fundamental to prepare a calendar and an action plan for the year. You will therefore will anticipate and organize for the events that awaits you the following year. In practice, make a list of significant events of your activity for a year (end of the year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.). These key moments are the right time to develop your turnover and increase your visibility. It is therefore important to set objectives beforehand , to define the target and the offers to be set up.

Indeed, you can also plan your Management plan , to organize for example technical training for your team on new manicure and pedicure trends or on the specific use of a type of products ... for your sales strategy , you can for example consider acquiring a new range of beauty products and well -being while planning your orders with your suppliers. On Marketing and communication plan , you can think of marketing campaigns (SMS, emails, etc.) or via social networks. In fact, all of these forecasts should be taken into account according to the financial situation of your organization.

In fact, The Nativys Pro customer file represents a real asset to plan the marketing plan of your hair salon, beauty institute, barber or spa center. It allows you to have an overview of the past meetings of all your customers who appear in your establishment. And therefore to select the plans that perfectly meet their needs. In addition, thanks to the customer file, you can automate your communications with sending personalized SMS to your customers for better time optimization.

Prepare your personal calendar

As manager of a fair, responsible for a beauty institute or manager of a spa center, after having defined your strategy and your action plans on the whole year, now you are in the phase of preparing your Personal task calendar. This involves devoting a moment of your time every day of the week to make an axis on which you will work.

For example, you could devote Monday to the financial management of your show, the tasks related to marketing management on Tuesday, the tasks linked to your administrative management on Wednesday, those related to the management of your team on Thursday,And you will devote Friday to your customers.


To focus on tasks related to your core business, it is important to think of delegating your work, because it is not easy to manage a hair salon or an institute full of team members.

Nativys experts have thought of your management needs,and given you the possibility of integrating your employees into the system. With each new online reservation that concerns them, they will receive a notification via their email. This will make you save an additional time for the management of other responsibility tasks.

Regularly follow your progress

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To optimize your time and improve your productivity, it is also important to regularly follow your performance and take stock of the activity of your hair salon or beauty institute. Thanks to dashboard Nativys Pro, you can follow your performance and analyze your situation more quickly. You can notably view the evolution of your turnover over a given period (by service, by product, by collaborator ...), know the best -selling products, determine the services most efficient and identify which employees have sold more products. And if your obtained results do not correspond to what you have planned, you can in this case implement corrective actions, for example you can work more on the loyalty of your customers (offer them new promotions ...) or to attract new ones(new advertising campaigns, etc.) or even training dedicated to your team to motivate them to give more..

"The Nativys Pro solution is designed to help professionals in beauty and well-being to optimize their time in management and increase their performance.This is the ideal solution for a hair salon, beauty salon or spa center."