The reasons for opting for online booking in your hair salon, beauty salon, barber or spa center in times of health crisis Covid-19

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The acceleration of technological progress, the development of the web, mobile terminals and connected objects and systems offer new digital opportunities for the benefit of customers and businesses.

With this epidemiological crisis, a real push for the digital transformation .Even the behavior of people has changed so quickly to the use of websites and mobile applications.The beauty industry has not escaped this rule.Today, digital is more than a mode, it is a real basic trend that offers customers the possibility of making their Book appointments the internet through online booking ,This shows the true evolution in the field of beauty and well -being.

So you want to opt for the world of online booking?Do you want to know more about how it can use your hair salon or beauty salon?Here are the five reasons you should not miss for the development of your activity, especially in this critical period.

  1. Give more online visibility to your establishment
  2. Transform your followers into loyal customers
  3. Manage your activity with confidence with the connected agenda
  4. Facilitate the management of your establishment with secured cash register software
  5. Analyze your overall performance from all devices

Give more online visibility to your establishment

Today, salons, beauty institutes, barbers and spas strive to create a strong online presence and strengthen links with their customers .Online booking is the best channel for them.

Thanks to the Nativys solution, Be visible for your customers and obtain reservations 24/7 , it's easy for your customers to make their Book appointments faster, to discover the establishmentsBeauty closest to them, to compare prices ... In addition, the real asset of online booking is that the establishment can receive reservations even outside the opening hours.

Online booking for your establishment is not only the promotion of your online services, it is also a computerized system .which allows you to program sending SMS of Book appointments to your customers.In this way you will gain more visibility and you will also benefit from a reputation that your beauty institute deserves with verified opinions (today, customers are increasingly inquire before optingFor a product or buy a service, they especially read the experiences shared on the web before making their purchases).

The question that arises, for those who do not have a website, how can they have good visibility on the web? don't worry, Nativys takes care of everything, thanks to his young talented team andEspecially creators, she undertakes to help her partners develop their own website, manage content, and support them in their marketing strategy.It is therefore wise to be present on the web (websites, mobile applications, social networks, etc.) to conquer new customers and build loyalty.

Transform your followers into loyal customers

One of the undeniable advantages of online booking is that it facilitates work and helps you earn more customers who are looking for good salons, institutes and spas.So join Nativys Pro, Create your online profile and Stay in touch with your customers on the Nativys platform, your website and on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc..).A simple visitor could be your next customer, so give him the chance to be yours before going to your competitor.

In fact, the data collected on your customers will be a real asset for you, and thanks to this information collected, you will be able to better understand the purchasing behavior of customers (their reactions, their motivations, their perceptions...) to design well -targeted marketing campaigns.

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Indeed, thanks to the phone number, you may think of Our SMS campaigns to inform your customers of new products, exclusive promotions or a special occasion (birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Festival ofFathers ...), then focus on the loyalty of your customers because retaining an existing customer will cost you less to find a new ;Give him a better experience while building a strong and lasting professional relationship with him above all.

Manage your activity with confidence with the connected agenda

Free yourself in a few moments by spending more time on what interests you most, with the connected agenda you will have a 360 ° vision of your hair salon, beauty institutes or spas at a glance, as you can add or modify your Book appointments in a few clicks, access your customers' shared opinions from your agenda (earning e-reputation easily).

Where you are (or you are) and anytime you can manage your hair salon activity in a few clicks from all the devices (mobile, tablet or computer), receive notifications as soon as'A modification takes place;A new added or modified meeting, people added to the team….

All tasks are therefore automated thanks to an online booking mode; Team management, planning and services in a few clicks ... , thanks to the digital agenda you optimize your time, you get quality services and you above all improve relationships with yourclients.

Facilitate the management of your establishment with secured cash register software

When you manage a beauty salon, a hair salon or a spa, collection and invoicing are very important elements.

You can now manage all the comings and goings of your customers in single click.With the Nativys software box function allows you to collect your customers simply, as you can manage discounts, discounts, cures ... that you offer, the management system always reminds youcurrent promotions at the time of payment.You can also diversify payment methods (cash, online, checks, bank cards, gift cards, etc.) to offer more choices to your customers.Do not worry, your inventory will be updated in real time.At the end of the day, in a single click, you close your box by entering your identifiers and you Get the record for the day.

With this certified cash register software, you can follow the turnover of products in real time, by brand and category, and identify the products you use most for internal use.

    Account management could not be easier than this :
  • Ease of collection, online payment and simple cashier fence
  • Management of stocks, loyalty, care, cures, gift cards ... in a few clicks
  • Follow -up of activity and performance with advanced analyzes and statistics

5 - Analyze your overall performance from all devices

The online Book appointment module has become an essential tool in the beauty and well-being sector .Thanks to the Nativys Pro solution, you will have an overall view of the overall performance of your organization from any digital medium (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.).You can compare these performance and improve the effects of the activity to ensure the sustainability of your beauty establishment or well-being.

In addition, Nativys experts undertake to support and guide you to train and pay your tailor -made services (a customer service for all questions 6j/7).

"Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the multiple advantages of online booking by joining the Nativys team;Meet new customers looking for beauty and well-being services online, take advantage of our all-in-one solution to facilitate the management of your activity and benefit from our precious advice adapted to your needs to develop your establishment."