what is the priority in your beauty salon, hair salon, barber or spa center ?

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The customer experience will be the priority, more than the price and the quality of a product or service, the key differentiating element for a Hairdressing salon, beauty institute, barber or spa centeris the customer service. Indeed, the beauty and well-being sector requires Lots of effort to attract new customers, strengthen your e-reputation, generate new opportunities. However, this is one of the simplest methods, the most profitable and the most effective in developing your activity. So the real question to ask is how the customer prefers his service? and what are the new customers or loyal customers of your beauty institute? Here is everything you need to know about the customer experience.

Subconscious decision -making:

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If it is important to know how to choose the quality of your services to remain profitable, you must also develop an impeccable customer service because this is what will, in the end, lead you to success. It is not a secret for No one, the first impression is always the right one. But Did you know that a good part of the customer experience is a question of feeling? Customers make instinctive choices when they choose services guided by their subconscious, which brings us to the next point.

Exceptional customer experience:

Quality interactions with the customer are a source of upstream value, they will soon be the main reason why customers choose you. In short, The customer experience is that existing customers and Potentials think of your beauty institute.

Experience begins from the first contact with the customer , you need to arouse his interest. let's examine more.

Plan small attentions that make the difference

All the little touches you can bring to Your customers are welcome and much appreciated. You welcome your customer for a real beauty and relaxation break. Put the service before the hairstyle or aesthetic performance and develop the level of your institute. Seduce clients passing by with all the services you can offer them.

Never forget that you are an expert in your area, so give your advice in All areas of beauty. Feel free to Add products to your resale space additional beauty such as devoted books to beauty or nutrition, oils essential, makeup and supplement food. Anything that can allow you to advise and deal with the problems of your Customer with a 360 ° beauty prescription. And share them in your social networks, with Pretty photos that you find or take yourself.

Retain customers with Nativys:

Ask your customers to write reviews on your Nativys page, on your Google My Business profile, on your site, on social networks ... do not hesitate to ask them to participate in your success. In general customers do not say no, especially if they or they are faithful to you and delighted with the service that you lavish them with.