Customer loyalty: good practices to get there!

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Attracting new customers is easy, but keeping those who are already there is a bit difficult.In this article, we will show you good practices to apply in your hair salon, beauty institute, barber or spa to increase your customers' fidelity.

Customer loyalty is a major marketing issue for any beauty salon or institute.Indeed, retaining your customers is a skill that any professional of beauty and well-being should be able to acquire.

What are the reasons why the salons and beauty institutes should retain their customers?And how to implement a successful loyalty strategy?

Why should you retain customers?

The beauty and well-being sector is a sector that is experiencing unprecedented growth, dozens of hairdressing salons, beauty institutes, barbers and spa centers announces their openings daily therefore “more choices for consumers ”. Customer requirements are evolving (requiring other distinct aspects in their services, they especially seek security, identification, personalization, pleasure, differentiation, etc.). Customers have become more informed (they go through several channels before making their purchases: website, social networks, word of mouth, etc.). In short, They therefore constitute the main source of income for your establishment .

Indeed, retaining an existing customer is better than prospecting a new customer because it will cost less. A satisfied customer will never change his brand and in addition he will recommend it for his knowledge, it will make customers more and so on ... Quite simply, they play the role of the brand's ambassadors; influence the purchasing behavior of others (a lever for cooptation).

The loyalty of a customer who will potentially generate a new order will cost not only cheaper than the acquisition of a new customer, but above all will increase his feeling of identification to the company and In particular yourbrand image which will recruit new customers. A loyal customer is a customer who will spend more and this increases your turnover.

In addition, loyal customers become friends and easily bring you new customers and sometimes they can even convince them and do work for you (recommend to those around them or via social networks ...), they can Promote for your beauty services unlike a customer who leaves. These are the key to your brand image and notoriety (customer loyalty = credibility of your establishment).

This will show you that you should be focused on customer -oriented approach, for example focusing more on their loyalty and place them at the center of your concerns.

As the adage said as well:

"The most in difficulty is not always the one who loses money but the one who loses his clients" .

This vision will show us to focus more on satisfying customer needs of course, their loyalty and especially their long -term commitments.

Set up a successful loyalty strategy

A customer loyalty strategy lies not only in the implementation of tools such as loyalty cards, but also includes other actions:

Set up a customer loyalty program

Confract customers thanks to a loyalty program develops word of mouth. Your loyal customers associated with your brand are more likely to talk about your hair salon around their entourage.

But how can we really know the number of client's visyourto be able to appear in the category of loyal customers? It's simple, with Nativys Pro customer sheet you will get this information faster, which will then give you the opportunity to choose your own loyalty card program to retain your customers in the long term and reduce their risk of loss .

According to your customer needs, you choose the mode that suyouryou best (loyalty card on the number of passage, loyalty card on the amount spent, subscription card), which gives access to a discount or a Personalized gift . Then reward your loyal customers to optimize their commitment.

Differentiate from Competition

First of all, competitive monitoring is essential for any hair salon.Identify your main competitors and the services they offer, determine their strengths and weaknesses and analyze their marketing and commercial strategies, their positioning, their operation ...

All this will allow you to learn the main lessons and find what will allow your fair or beauty salon of standing out from the competition .You stand out for example by the quality of service by offering innovative and original services.

Make customer service quality your priority, communicate your competitive advantages in a flexible and professional way, highlight your beauty and well-being services, talk with your customers, explain them why you have opted for a product and not aOther, put forward yourcharacteristics ... All these elements can constitute a real lever which will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition while creating a strong link with your customers.

Personalize your services

How to keep a client and not let him go to one of your competitors?The answer is simple: you must focus on the quality of the work of course and the relationship you have with each client in the hair salon (or on the web/social networks).

In other words, a customer is not only paying for having benefited from a service (facial care, massage, haircut, beard care, etc.) but also to spend a privileged moment .

Then stay close to your regular customers by sending them promotional offers (offer discounts or personalized gifts for a special event: birthday, end of the year, mother party ...) by SMS or emails to better retain them.And thanks to the information collected in your Nativys Pro customer sheet, the task will be automated and faster than before.As you can maintain actions at the show: to offer your customers accustomed new products to try, make a relaxing massage to appease the mind or simply speak with them to get their news.

Offer a unique experience

The new generation of customers mainly wishes to socialize more and discover new consumption experiences .Facilitate exchanges with them: offer them a real beauty experience and well-being, and above all, ensure them a pure moment of relaxation and relaxation as soon as they enter your establishment until their release.

As the Famous Expert Marketing Seth Godin said :

“People do not buy products and services, but relationships, stories and magic.”

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In addition, you can provide impeccable service to your customers to promote their commitment and increase their loyalty to the brand: offer them subscription packs, give them optimized access to certain services orstill offer them a complementary product related to their beauty services performed ...

With The Nativys Pro solution, you can also facilitate the making of Book appointments by offering the possibility of booking from your website, as well as programming the sending of SMS of Book appointments thatwill ensure customers and avoid them forgetting their important Book appointments.

Result : Optimize the customer route and make it simpler and faster.

work on your internal culture

As a hairdressing salon, beauty institute, barber or spa, you should communicate your values, your story and your culture especially at the highlights of the year (example: the anniversary of your store, Saint-Valentin, New Year ...), take the opportunity to promote your beauty services on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), tell your achievements and discoveries, express in a different way, make your customers participate and interact withthem via comments.Do not hesitate to put your services on your site, your know-how while choosing optimized and suitable content.

PRoom posts in advance in relation to your story. Set up your values (elegance, artistic style, clean beauty ...) on all supports (website, magazines, brochures, social networks ...) to be identifiable by your customers.

The raison d'être a salon, beauty institute, barber or spa center is to help your customers, satisfy them, keep them, build loyalty and especially construct an authentic relationship with them.’