The best strategies to develop the brand of your hair salon, beauty institutes, barber or spa center

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Developing the brand of a hairdressing salon or aesthetics clinc allows you to attract new customers , retain the regulars and stand out from other competitors.

By building a brand that allows you to transmit your values ​​, your mission, your vision and make your history and your culture speak to the public . Creating a strong and unique brand gives you the opportunity to attract quality customers, to maintain a privileged relationship with your existing customers and to differentiate themselves from competition.

It is not enough to be good in your work, you must also focus more and more on the development of your brand and the construction of a strong identity to accelerate the growth and progression of your activity.

Indeed, to develop your brand, you will have to think of online and offline strategies.

But what does a brand mean first? Why does a beauty salon need to develop its brand ? Why does a beauty salon need to develop yourbrand? And how to develop it?

What does a brand mean?

A brand represents a set of distinctive elements (name, symbol, sign, meaning ...) which allow customers to identify it among other competitors and and help create your identity it among other competitors and L 'help create your identity .

To enlighten things, let's take the following example:

When you read these sentences, what is the first thing that immediately comes to mind?

"The Best or Nothing", "What Else", "i'm lovin 'it".

If you have thought that these sentences are the Slogans of the following brands:

Mercedes , nespresso and mcdonald's , that means that they have managed to create a good brand image that allows them to Position yourself in the minds of their customers ( Top of Mind ). So the more you work on the construction of a unique brand, the more value you will have, the more you stand out from the competition.

Why is the development of the brand necessary for your hair salon, beauty institute or spa center?

A brand strategy mainly meets a positioning objective (having a privileged place in the mind of the consumer). It is based on the transmission of yourvalues ​​to the general public.

Building a solid brand requires hard work from all employees in your hair salon, beauty institute, barber or spa.

As Apple founder Steve Jobs said, " The best achievements are still coming from teamwork ".

This is naturally true in the field of brand management. A brand is the key component of the identity of your establishment , it will strengthen relations with customers and prospects while increasing productivity and optimizing your service.

    To position your brand, it appears fundamental to:
  • Define what your brand will mean to the public - Communicate your competitive advantages

  • Communicate on your differences (your competitive advantages)

  • Allow your brand to access the market and in the mind of the public, a unique position

  • Be so efficient that no competitor should be able to compete with you, nor take your place

The brand is therefore designed to help you attract new customers by giving them the advantage of choosing your hair salon compared to other competitors, retaining regular customers and maintaining a lasting relationship with them because they can themselves be the media of your hair salon; Influence the choice of other consumers and enhance the image of your establishment with those around them. These influential consumers are called brand ambassadors .

How to develop the brand of your beauty and well-being establishment?

The notoriety of the brand is important because people are more likely to buy from a brand they know and in whom they trust. To do this, there are many actions to consider on the web and offline to develop the image of your hair salon or beauty institute.

on the web , you can work on a content strategy to strengthen the connection with consumers on the web. Quality content allows you to show consumers who are as a hair salon or beauty institute and what your brand represents. You can enrich this content of texts, images, sounds, videos and articles related to beauty and well-being.

Within the establishment , you must provide the best service to your customers, to pay more attention to their well -being. In the field of beauty, very concentrated and where the offer is similar, the quality of the service can be a factor that makes the difference.

Build an online brand:

To succeed in launching your brand, it is recommended to develop a marketing plan that will allow you to acquire and retain your customers. The web can be a good way to present yourself and create strong links with your customers . Customers have deeply redesigned their purchasing behavior with the development of the web and social networks.

Being present on the web increases the chances for your hair salon or beauty institute to be seen and found more easily, but also to develop your brand and your reputation online thanks to customer reviews. Consumer behavior has evolved, consumers inquires before taking advantage of a product and/or service.

To develop yourbrand and gain online visibility, you can start with the creation of your own website , it is not only a showcase for your hair salon or beauty institute but Also for the implementation of other components (missions, values, culture ...). Thanks to your website, you can win new customers and improve relationships with existing customers. Implementing SEO (free or payable) to maximize both traffic and the conversion rate and therefore succeed in ensuring the survival of your hair salon or online brand.

Also use social networks (for example: Facebook , Instagram… ) which are a great place to connect with a large number people. This is the secret to better keep your presence online.

However, you must not forget your regular customers. You have to keep in touch with them, send them SMS or emails to communicate special offers to them, offer exclusive promotions or wish them happy birthday.

Build an offline brand:

In addition to achieving the development objectives of the online brand, it is also necessary to develop it offline (at the show), while maintaining the same vision as that offered online (so as not to disturb the consumer ).

But how to ensure the development of an offline brand? The answer is: to be unique and different .

be different is to offer quality customer service that sets you apart from other beauty institutes while thinking of offering good deals that will attract customers and will make them want to come back to your establishment.

Take advantage of the opportunity when the customer is in your hair salon, highlight his beauty services, offer him interesting offers, interact with him and especially live him a unique experience . Nowadays, it is better to be creative, innovative and integrate into a vision of re-enchantment than to gain, these aspects will develop a feeling of appreciation and will increase customer loyalty.

As the CEO of the LVMH group Bernard Arnault said :

said "Go from a product market to an experienced market"

Companies must therefore create strong links with their customers by using sensations and emotions while offering them a specific atmosphere.

    To ensure a positive and enriching experience with your customers and to differentiate yourself from the competition, you can:
  • Take care of the welcome: being smiling, kind, polite ..., it will be of capital importance
  • Offer your customers refreshments
  • Available brochures
  • Use the magic words "thank you", "please", ...
  • Bring them personalized consultations
  • Greet people in the waiting room and provide them with magazines so that they can be taken care of if the wait extends
  • Ensure that your customers feels good in your hair salon

These simple actions will ensure good customer experience and increased satisfaction.

"Developing a strong and solid brand will allow you to stand out from competition, retain your customers and give you the opportunity to position yourself in the minds of customers. It is simply the secret to generate more Income, maximize growth and achieve high profitability."